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DhimanSolutions is a well established professional webdesign company which was founded in 2009. Primilarily aim of the company was to provide cutting edge website designs to English clients but with time the company also served the clients for their E-Commerce Websites and Animation related requirements. We now specializes in Customized CMS, E-Commerce websites and 2D, 3D Animation production.

Company have team of IT graduates who are thorough professionals with experience in designing and programming. There is well experienced team heads of marketing and strategy making management graduates who understand the requirement of client and make professional strategy to execute the brief. Team of IT and Management graduates keep the clients' approach towards business growth at first priority and deliver the projects on time.

Our Vision

  • To provide websites which are stable and customizable by clients so that clients not have to pay monthly charges on website maintenance.
  • To provide a healthy strategy to accomplish the projects to clients for website and animation production so that they not feel technical challenged anymore.
  • To provide uninterrupted on-line support to clients so that they can feel like the professional web designer is sitting right in their own office.
  • To provide on the go support to clients whose websites are working fine and they need minor corrections or up-dations to be done.

Our Mission

  • To provide the latest design solutions which go beyond client demands.
  • As the saying goes 'The first impression is the last impression' we want to ensure by working with you, the impression you make is the RIGHT one!

Our Skills





Paypal Integration

SMS Gateway Integration

Affiliate Software Integration

Ads Software Integration

Flash Action Script

2D 3D Animation